The CWC provides a variety of in-house resources available at any time during our open office hours (check to the sidebar to the right for our Spring 2017 hours). All of our resources are free for use at all times!

Safer sex supplies: we stock a variety of safer sex supplies, such as multiple types of insertive and receptive condoms (including flavored, textured, and non-latext types), dental dams, and lube (including flavored and water-based). We also stock menstrual products both inside and outside our office for access whenever the SAC is open. Please feel free to talk to coordinators present about the supplies and even make requests for future orders!

Resource library: Our library holds hundreds of books available for use. We occasionally stock textbooks for classes such as GWS 103, 102, and 101 that you can use in-house. We also offer a variety of scholarly books that are available to check out for coursework purposes. We also stock many fiction novels, comic books, and poetry collections authored a variety of feminist and womanist figures. We catalogue our library at so please check out a sampling of our books below and see the full collection either at that link or in person!

In-house publications and information: Our mission celebrates the individual voice of all UW-Madison students, and so we publish a variety of zines, information guides, and creative work by students who use our space and our resources, 

CWC swag wall: The CWC stocks a variety of useful supplies on our "swag wall," which includes water bottles and mugs for getting water and making tea during study sessions, notebooks and pens for meetings and events, tote bags for help transporting items, and tumblers, magnets, keychains, whistles, and stickers with feminist and womanist heroines on them to let your feminist identity shine. 

Study space: Our office is always open to the student population during open office hours as study space. We are an open and safe space for students of all identities, and our coordinators are ready to ensure that the space is available and accessible to you.

Private space: The CWC has a private office for the discussion of matters that need to be kept private, and are always willing to assist in matters of a sensitive nature.