In order to fulfill the mission of the CWC, we offer a series of services by request to the UW-Madison community. Please check out descriptions and contact information below if you are interested in any of these services!

Dorm and House workshops: Campus Women's Center coordinators and volunteers can craft and prepare workshops for dorms and houses on UW-Madison's campus around a variety of topics such as "Intro to Feminism" and "Self-care and body positivity. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in requesting a tailored workshop on a feminist topic for your living community! 

Childcare: The CWC supports two regular childcare programs for UW-Madison student parents, including Kid's Time and Kid's Night Out. Kid's Night Out is a once-monthly event held at Eagle Heights community center where student parents can drop their children off for a night of movies, games, and crafts with CWC volunteers. Kid's Time pairs UW-Madison student volunteers with student parents for regular weekly childcare (up to 3 hours) during the semester. All volunteers for these programs undergo interviews and background checks. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being a volunteer or taking advantage of these services!

Collaborations: The CWC is open to collaborations of all kinds! If you are interested in collaborating with us on an event of a smaller nature (such as using our space in order to hold a workshop on a topic you are experienced in) please feel free to reach out and discuss through the form below. We also host collaborations between organizations on campus within our space for events such as crafting nights and discussions. Finally, we are happy to collaborate and assist with organizations on larger events. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in collaborating with the CWC!

Internships: Internships at the CWC are semester long positions that work underneath a coordinator to produce events and long-term projects. We hire for interns at the beginning of each academic semester: stay tuned to our social media and newsletter for information on the application process and the internships we hire for. We regret that we cannot pay our interns, and take this into account when developing internships to fit within student's schedules.